Eco Series: Back to School & Office Essentials

This is part two of my five part eco friendly series (you can find part one here, I've made a list of my "back to school" essentials (which also double for eco friendly work place essentials) that can help the eliminate waste and help planet! 

1. Wooden Highlighter Pencils

2. Designing Elementary  sandwich bags (zip set), use discount code VEGANSTUFF at checkout for 10% off all orders over $20. MediaMenagerie sandwich bags (velcro set), use discount code ZEROWASTE at checkout for 10% off your order.

3. Flannel Hankies by QuietStandards, use VEGANV at checkout for 10% off your order.

4. Travel Cutlery You can also get a reusable container that comes with utensils,!

5. Onyx + Green notebook All Onyx + Green school and office supplies

6. Shop at second hand or thrift stores. Also, be sure to add me on Poshmark so we can shop each other's closets! You can find my closet here,

7. Unpaper Towels from our shop, You can use ECOTOWEL for 15% off your order at checkout. 

Making these simple swaps can greatly help the environment. Make sure to check out these awesome vendors I've listed above. They have generously provided discounts for their shops! This series is all about sharing eco friendly and zero waste alternatives, but it's also a really special opportunity to share the spotlight with some really cool small businesses! 


Designing Elementary  sandwich bags (zip set)

MediaMenagerie sandwich bags (velcro set)

I especially like the eco friendly lunch swaps! I know I'm not in school anymore, but being a vegan on the go these options help me always remain eco friendly and stay fueled on the go! Bringing your own lunch is healthy, and impacts the environment in such a positive way! You can eliminate an a great deal of one time use plastic by bringing your own utensils, bringing your own containers, and using reusable sandwich bags. 

Flannel Hankies by QuietStandards

Unpaper Towels 

GIVEAWAY: Make sure to follow us on instagram and youtube, comment on any instagram photo, and lastly let us know that you've entered to win in the comments on our youtube video! You'll be winning a reusable zip snack back from Designing Elementary.

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